Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting Plan Best For Modern Business Project

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting Plan Best For Modern Business Project

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting

If you have a new startup business then you have to be very careful while purchasing a web server hosting plan. Well there are a lot of server hosting companies that provide the server but you have to pay attention to getting the best server hosting service.
In this way, we are providing some information about our company. Onlive Infotech Company offers a variety of professional-based web server hosting plans such as: Cheapest Dedicated Server, VPS Web Hosting, Shared Web Server packages/plans, etc.

Book Your Preferred Dedicated Server Hosting

Explore the Useful Server: Onlive Infotech is the well professed Web Hosting Platform that offers stronger Dedicated plans, so you should consider it. High quality functionality is also coming with each web services. you will get absolutely vastly utmost performance to enhance online business organization. Each service will help you to develop business sales. If you are seeking for extended-based dedicated server services then you can turn off search now. Because, our plan gives you speed up to the top limit. We provide the vastly useful and more secure services with the Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans.

Features of Dedicated Server Hosting plans, such as:

1. Accurate Performance
2. Solid & Instant Setup
3. Veritable CMS With Good Installation
4. Free Website cPanel in Many Types
5. Technical Assist for 365 Days
6. Full supported Hardware & Software
7. Modern Technology
8. WHM Vastly-Supportive Support
9. Finest SSL & DDoS Fire walls

Powerful Setup: We provide you best and powerful dedicated server with the immediate setup when you need it. Take the ultimate services while getting the top-class services.

Save Now

If you want to save your money? We have the best trick to save thinkable amount. When you choose our top-most useful plan then you will gain the full functions on the website then you can save the maximum money and you can get the best services on the website.

Best Web Hosting Platform

Onlive Infotech is the huge-scale web services Platform that supplies ultimate hosting services to our client. If you actually need it, you can go to our website to book your order easily and quickly. Talk to our highly professionals technicians these ways Call, WhatsApp and Skype.

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Cheap Linux VPS

Go For Cheap Linux VPS Server Hosting That Only Available on Onlive Infotech

Cheap Linux VPS is an excellent choice for business and website owners. Linux VPS works on very different platforms and affordable prices. Linux is an open source operating system. Which means you can download free and install from the internet. Cheap VPS Linux Hosting provides various features such as high bandwidth, high performance, access memory and server space etc. Moreover a LINUX VPS offers high security as you have your own allocated server space which is independent from the other users. You can also be interested in host your website. Cheap Linux VPS provides many features and advantages with cheap plans. This is shown below.

Features of Linux VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting service can be provided in multiple platforms like as Linux Based and Windows based platform. Linux VPS hosting is more popular as compare to Windows VPS hosting. There are many reasons which affect the Linux VPS hosting.

  • Longer Stability
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • 99% Uptime
  • Top Scalability
  • 100% Trustable Service
  • Windows & Linux Based Operating
  • Full Root Access
  • High Performing
  • Linux VPS Hosting server allows users to install program and applications.

Our Cheap Linux VPS gives you full root access and provide your website with fully managed and server resources in a very similar and modern manner. For most of the large businesses Cheap Linux VPS is the most suitable and Popular option because it has ability to increase output by reducing expenses. This guarantees more efficiency, reliability and output. On the other hand, it is also available for a very affordable price. Linux VPS is not only cheap, but it offers you a flexible, scalable, reliable and secure web environment at a very high level. When running more than one app on your server, these are very important for your business.

Cheap VPS Linux Hosting is compatible for small and large business. Which prefer VPS Hosting at lower cost. Linux VPS Server Hosting is very secure. It is easy to use and 100% secured. Onlive Infotech is the best hosting Provider Company. This provides the best Cheap Linux VPS Hosting at reasonable price. It offers 24 hours technical supports.

Onlive Server Announced A Special Diwali Offers Up To 20% Off On Linux VPS Server

Linux VPS Server Hosting –

Cheap VPS Linux Server Hosting has widest demand at online market. This is the most appropriate Server hosting for operating system. Hence Linux VPS Server Hosting has many unique features which make the different identity to Linux. VPS Server Hosting is most suitable compare to Dedicated Server. Dedicated Server Hosting is high in price therefore user attract toward VPS Server Hosting. Also VPS Server Hosting has highest features and advantages which are closely similar to Linux VPS Server Hosting. Our Cheap VPS Linux Server gives you full flexibility and Control as well as full root access and SSH access.

This Diwali get heavy discount on your server hosting plans. On this festive season, everyone expect to have discount, So, Onlive Server have a special Diwali offer for your online business presence with our powerful Linux VPS Server Hosting. We have the best offer for Windows VPS Server and Linux VPS Server based Operating System. Both are best option, user may choose anyone by their preference.


  • Free backup and restore tools for your website
  • Both secure and reliable, this makes it a perfect choice for e-commerce
  • Uses cPanel, the industry standard control panel for managing your web hosting account
  • The exceptional customer support you’ll ever receive via telephone, email and live chat
  • Preferred choice for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla CMS websites
  • FREE solid state drives (SSD) for improved performance

About Our Guidance and Site Support

Onlive Server gives the best guidance about Cheapest Linux VPS Server hosting based OS. Also lead you about how to host your server into many of website. We have best experts who motivate you for your performance and work. We ensure to our user’s site progress by our best plans and Services. We appreciate our users for their full dedication toward Linux server hosting for OS. And we wish our blog will supportive for your Company’s growth. Call-Us for More Info and suggestion at 24 hours. Thank-You

Cheap Linux VPS

Hire the Cheap Linux VPS Provider with Europe VPS Server Hosting

Are you looking for a Cheap Linux VPS Hosting service provider? Do you need to get the service for the Cheap Linux VPS Server Hosting? Of course, you can hire the best server hosting provider in your location and get the best services ideally. You can get the server issues by hosting the server on the reliable platform. Today, each and every business relies on using the internet due to various reasons. You can get an excellent hosting facility with us at the convenience time. You can host the server by using our solution. The users get the best solution depending on the business needs. We provide the unraveled customer support for the hosting service. You can spend only less amount of money for the Cheap Linux VPS Server Hosting. You can take the best solution here and get the excellent security system for the server. The server is loaded with the great traffic website.

Benefits of Cheap Linux VPS Server

Linux VPS Server Hosting provides the various benifits. Which is shown below.

  • Regular data backup
  • Cost effective set-up
  • Server monitoring & maintenance
  • 99% High up-time
  • Free WHM & Cpanel
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Full root access
  • High Performance
  • 24 hours technical supports
  • Daily Based Backup Service
  • 100% Trustable Service
  • Ultra-Higher Speed of Internet

Get the specially designed solution:

The users need the special solution for hosting the server. The solution is help for the complex website. We provide the server with the high bandwidth facility. We ensure the best security system that suits for the Europe VPS Server Hosting. This will help the users to protect the server against the malicious attacks and others. In this way, you can improve the scalability and reliability of the server. Europe VPS Server Hosting helps you to get the amazing performance of the server without any problem. We offer the best facility depending on the operating system. We give you to real time data usage statics. We offer the hosting plans based on the operating system you keep up in the system. We give the control that best for the web owners to check the resources. The control panel allows you to back up the data.

Cheap VPS Linux

Cheap VPS Linux Server Hosting – Best Suitable for Online Business Requirement

If your site is getting lots of traffics then you have to choose the best server hosting plans as well as best operating system. It may be Windows or Linux VPS Hosting. A Linux VPS hosting package is one of the best options to run your websites. Because Cheap VPS Linux Hosting Server available at very affordable price by onlive infotech. If you are planning to build online Business, then choosing Managed VPS hosting by Onlive Infotech Company is the best thing to do. Onlive Infotech provides best Managed VPS Hosting Server. It offers a free control panel with enhanced security features built in and ensures website optimization too. Many companies preferred VPS hosting because of security service, complete control over the hard ware, specific hard ware requirement.

When you select the hosting service for your websites, one of the hardest decisions you will have to make is which platform use. Linux VPS Server, which is open source platform. It is very affordable and provides the web-based applications. Reliability, Security and Functionality – These elements are the backbone of Linux Web hosting.   It also referred as LAMP. It is the most cost-effective and flexible hosting solution available today.

Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting is the best hosting solutions for online business. Linux hosting will get wide variety of features such as My SQL database, ecommerce tools, multiple domain facility and many email options at a low price. Linux is an open source software program. Linux VPS Server is better as compared to another VPS Server. It can be used free easily used, downloaded it and makes it changes as per your requirements. There is no licensing fee.

Benefits of Linux VPS Server:

  • Increased Security
  • Improved reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Daily Based Backup Service
  • Fully DDoS Protected Plan
  • KVM & KVH Virtualization
  • Longer Stability
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Top Scalability
  • 100% Trustable Service
  • Windows & Linux Based Operating
  • Full Root Access
  • High Performing
  • Best Monitoring Service
  • Available Server Map
  • 24/7 Hours, 365 days Free Technical Support
  • Reseller Hosting Plans
  • Move to Technological World Extent
  • Ultra-Higher Speed of Internet
  • SSD & SSL Service
  • High Bandwidth

Advantages of Linux VPS Server:

Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting provides the various advantages. Which is shown below?

  • Complete Isolation
  • Root Access
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Full Root Access
  • Integrated cPanel
Cheap VPS Linux

New Generation and Successful Business in Cheap VPS Linux

Cheap VPS Linux

What is Linux VPS Hosting? How it can be used? If you have site get a more of traffic, or at least as expected. Then to generate a lot of traffic, then you have to consider Europe Linux VPS hosting package. Cheap VPS Linux Server provides the best hosting packages and easy to install and provides better services. The best hosting plans refers to running on a Linux operating system. Cheap VPS Linux hosting provides many benefits and services. It offers ease to use, increased security, and improved reliability and high performance. Europe Linux VPS Server is more flexible as compare to Windows VPS Server. Each Virtual Server has its own several environments. Which can be used easy to install and safety provides.

VPS server supports many platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and many more.

Features of Linux VPS Server:

  • Portable – Portability means software can works on different types of hardware at the same time.
  • Multi-User – Linux is a multi-user system means multiple user can access system resources like as RAM, Memory and applications program at the same time.
  • Open Source – Linux VPS Server is open source, Which provides the free source code.
  • Multi-programming – Linux is a multi programming system which means multiple programs can run at same time.
  • Security – Linux provides user security using authentication features like password protection, encryption of data and firewall security.

Cheap Windows VPS

Onlive Infotech – Cheap Windows VPS Server includes Defender Advanced threat protection (ATP) that provide best Services and longer stability for security breaches and automatically block, alerts and best monitoring service about potential malicious attacks. Europe Windows server provides many of the different features for the user, such as Daily Based Backup Service, Fully DDoS Protected Plan, KVM & KVH Virtualization, SSD & SSL Service, High Bandwidth and Web Hosting Cpanel, installation CMS etc. Choosing a Europe Cheap Windows VPS server, the factors that would usually be a botheration to users can be easily avoided. Such as overloading, constant downtimes, intrusions, hacks etc. and take advantage of data storage, network transport, and security-integrity components and more.

Windows applications which require a Windows server:

  • ASP Classic
  • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)
  • MS Access (Microsoft Access)
  • Visual Basic Development
  • C#
  • Remote Desktop

Europe Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting Features that Gives you Properly Control

Get Europe Based Server Hosting Plans at Very Exclusive Cost With Us

Hosting Europe Company is Providing you Manageable Dedicated Server Hosting and Europe VPS Server Hosting at very lowest price in Europe locations. A Europe based Dedicated Server Hosting is extremely necessary Dedicated Server Hosting plans. We also provide you cheap Dedicated Server Hosting plans at a very exclusive cost in Europe location. There are three types of Cheap Servers hosting packages for your online business needs or require.

Europe Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Server Hosting Plans

Amazed Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting & VPS Hosting Plans

1. Highly Firewalls – We provide you highly firewalls for your server plans. Whereby no harm of your Server hosting plans. Our Europe best Dedicated server hosting and VPS offers an ideal Firewall protection system to its clients as your web server is not shared with any other Customer. Thus, your any types of website are less permeable to cyber-attacks.

2. Fully Flexibility – Hosting Europe company is offered to you best flexibility for your server hosting plans. In a VPS Server Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting environment, you need not share any resources with any other website. Since you have a whole web server by yourself, you can alter some features of a server and can even use various applications and software programs of your own choice.

3. Excellent Performance – We have a Server hosting plans at a very cheap price which that gives you excellent performance. A Euorpe Dedicated server hosting and VPS Hosting plans ensure a high-level of performance. It offers your website more uptime and even a superior customer support.

4. Complete Control – We provide you like this Server, which that you can easily control your Server hosting plans according to your needs. A dedicated server hosting provide you as much control as you require for your business.

5. Best Technical Support – Our Hosting Europe Company provides you fully free 24*7 Fee technical support for your server hosting plans at very affordable price in Europe location. We are a trusted VPS Hosting service provider, we have highly trained technical support professional team, which that gives you better support for your best Server hosting.

If you want to buy Europe VPS Hosting and cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans at very affordable price. So, just go through our website and choose the best one. You can connect with us via Call and mail. Here are available live chat on Skype.

Advent Interaction of Europe Dedicated Server Hosting & VPS Server Hosting with Flexibility

Biggest Advantages of Cheap Server Hosting Plans at Exclusive Price!

We can assist you with best server methods through our Dedicated Server Hosting Europe that is which will offer you the correct development. The specifications of our service will get frequent updated timely.
Also, we are allocated with 24*7 support service to help you at any time. In the resource of security, our server is fully coated with non-shared, bare metal equipment so there is no way of data duplications. Tools we use in our hosting are that RAID1 and control panels such as WHM/cPanel or RDP/plesk.

Europe Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Hosting Plans in Europe

Why choose us?

The accessibility of our attached processors won’t have a limitation in memory. So you can completely extend your bandwidth range at any criteria. The assets of a Europe Dedicated Server Hosting are not imparted to some other client. All the method performs the individual and single technique. With the data stacks on the data centers the website application roll with up benefits.
Individual highlight of our Europe VPS Servers:

Our Europe VPS Server Hosting has the sustainable quality to break any types of hosting issues by allocating proper solution by means of affordable, reliable and rich feature techniques. Among the various hosting providers our VPS servers have many possible utilities to proffer you the standard techniques on any kind of business whether it is small or huge.

You can save more amount of money with the small step you placed on our service. The VPS Server Hosting Europe perforates all the ways to your online business success. We are not the single platform service also by involving numerous VPS hosting administrations and incorporated the best methodology our company has been expanded tremendously.

The neutral behavior of the website will cause its traffic level in some cases for that we would have blended some features and technique for checking out the website host but it works in a complete manner.

Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Server Hosting Plans in Europe

Find Our Right Dedicated Hosting Service To Promote The Website To High Level

Advantages Of Best Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Hosting Plans in Europe

The Dedicated Server Hosting teams have experienced with make uptime benefits and understand the speed of internet access for all user or customers. It provides a cheap-shared hosting plane and complete support from the business leading experts. Dedicated Server Hosting Europe able to create various different scalable hosting solution and application of programming language are also provides with your exceptional performance along with the matchless price of value. You must establish a right solution for superior hosting server with lower cost prices. Expect our company if make fulfills your requirements and hundred percent of satisfactions assist within. It also makes improve safety; speed and satisfaction are also serves within through the software and hardware firewall. We make available both Linux and window hosting has perfectly matched your operating system. They get into right server monitoring, use it panels like cPanel and WHM, then it upgrades your plan need with ease at every time. The Europe Dedicated Server Hosting make shared hosting service plan with manage unlimited free email account, as well as managed our more customers.

This hosting server is free virus software or virus scanner in cPanel just to name entirely with few. Europe VPS Server Hosting builds with update features which assist to save a lot of the time. Apart from that, it keeps a lot of the time as well as money and it consults with the top authorities of all hosting service to make sure all the formalities are related to setting up the servers. It severs has technical support which provides great server hosting for the customer and this service never collect hidden charge from their valuable service. They provide technical support and other solution for the hosting network. Therefore the site owner can go with the VPS Server Hosting Europe to promote site much faster and user-friendly for the customer.

Europe Dedicated Server Hosting and Europe Based VPS Server Hosting at very affordable price

Europe Web Hosting for High Traffic & E-Commerce Websites

Europe Best Dedicated Server Hosting and Europe VPS Server Hosting

Onlive Server renders Europe Dedicated Server Hosting and Europe VPS Server Hosting solutions on fast, secure servers with the highest uptime and unbeatable client support service. We provide you with the freedom of the web world at your fingertips. You get top-notch hosting with reliable services at incredibly rock-bottom prices.

Our Dedicated Server Hosting Europe is a great solution for many of your high-performance needs. With a custom built dedicated server from Onlive Server, you’ll be able to build your server to your specific demands for your project, without sharing resources with other customers. Whether you’re running game servers that demand high-end security and CPU power, or an input/output intensive mission-critical application, you’ll find instant solutions through our company. We provide a wide range of dedicated hosting plans. The basic one features Intel Xeon E3-1245v5 with 4c/8t/3.5GHz, 16GB RAM and 2TB HDD and is available at only $99 per month.

Europe Dedicated Server Hosting and Europe Based VPS Server Hosting at very affordable price

We offer top-notch VPS Server Hosting Europe with high levels of efficiency, flexibility, reliability and maximum protection for your website. VPS server hosting is a perfect way to start hosting a website on a small scale but still have the ability to scale up very quickly. We ensure 100% network uptime and stability. We offer a broad line of hosting plans. The cheapest one will cost you only $9 per month that features 1 Core, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 1000 GB Bandwidth. Our KVM VPS plans can be fully customized to match your specific hosting requirements and upgraded anytime as your website grows.

Free 24 Hour Support

We are fully dedicated to the success of our client, therefore we hire only the outstanding people possible. Call us, initiate a live chat, call us or drop an email. Our in-house support staff will fix all your hosting related issues in a matter of time.